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What is a consultation?
It is a meeting with an Attorney.

What can we talk about?
You can talk about legal issues that you are having?

What is a legal issue?
Questions or issues that you have in your life.  These issues may be in a lawsuit, disagreement with another person, or penalties.

Can we talk about things I have done wrong?
Yes. In many instances you can talk privately with an Attorney at a consultation about laws you may have broken.

Can I get in trouble for confessing bad things to an attorney?
No. The point of a consultation is to be able to speak to an attorney privately to get a completely honest opinion.  This allows an Attorney the power to give you the best advice. 

How much does a Consultation with an Attorney cost?
Free. A consultation is free so that the Attorney can get to know you and you can get to know the Attorney.  If the Attorney takes your case – you can then discuss price.

Ask an Attorney for a free consultation.
Free Consultation: (559) 430-9687.

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